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Welcome from the Artistic Director

March 27, 2023

It’s Spring, and we’ve come to play. The Spring Showcase is SDAFF’s colorful alter ego, full of characters who dream up more playful versions of themselves, like those in the vacation adventure AJOOMMA, the dancehall drama JOYLAND, or the madcap comedy SWITCH. We pay tribute to visionaries like Nam June Paik, who literally imagined an electronic world of the future, and we look back to Hong Kong actors Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, who boldly defied expectations of gender and sexuality in a mainstream film industry. POLITE SOCIETY and our opener STARRING JERRY AS HIMSELF are films about covert artists who aim to bend cinema to their image, tearing down tradition along the way. He’s to our alter egos and the secret troublemakers in all of us.

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