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Directed by Chang Jung-Chi

Cast: Berant Zhu, Fandy Fan

Chang Jung-Chi (Touch of the Light, Partners in Crime SDAFF ‘12) returns with a dramatic sports film with brotherhood at the center. An inseparable bond is tested between Hsiu-yu and Tung-hao, two brothers who share a painful past and dreams to play in the cutthroat Taiwanese High School Basketball League (HBL). Born into the lowest rungs of society, Hsiu-yu and Tung-hao go from playing streetball to playing for radically different teams: Hsiu-yu is recruited by the well-endowed defending champs, whereas Hsiu-yu joins the ragtag Kuang Cheng basketball team, a team short on funds but with plenty of never-say-die spirit. As protective Tung-hao grapples with leaving his brother and the growing distance between them, the two brothers who once only had each other must now face off on opposite teams. Can they achieve their dreams and still power forward with their brotherhood intact?

With dazzlingly choreographed game-play action,  WE ARE CHAMPIONS delivers the adrenaline while also allowing the riled teens to let their guards down. When off-court pressures become impossible to block out, the brothers learn to rely on each other for the assist in order to rebound as the strongest version of themselves. Because when you receive love from those who are most important, you are already a champion.

James Paguyo

MON Nov. 11 admission at UCSD includes a special pre-screening reception from 5:00PM-6:00PM for ticket holders and passholders.

TUES Nov. 12 screening at Ultrastar is free for Pac Arts Members and passholders and includes a special pre-screening reception from 5:30PM-7:00PM for Pac Arts members and passholders. Please show your membership card to collect your free ticket at the box office. 

Co-presented by San Diego Chinese Academy

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Unknown Venue

Mon, Nov 11
6:00 pm

Unknown Venue

Tue, Nov 12
7:00 pm