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SHORTS: An Escape Room of One’s Own

From rooms to wombs, the curious architectures that trap, vex, and sometimes offer sweet relief. A bustling SoCal surrogacy business, a science fiction safehouse, the comedic fight-or-flight of couples therapy, and a love motel that is decidedly, not.

In this program

The Love Motel

Directed by Henry Chen

When her home is no longer an option, a young lebian woman checks into a love motel in Taiwan.

My American Surrogate

Directed by Leslie Tai

Somewhere in Irvine, CA, QiQi is social media’s most sought after surrogacy broker. Flipping American ideas of consumer supremacy, this doc follows lively QiQi as she connects Chinese customers with American surrogates.

A Room of One’s Own

Directed by Jeong Han

A lonely wife and former writer rents an idyllic room as a form of escape.

Scenes From a Real Marriage: I am Marissa

Directed by Michelle Krusiec

Marissa and Mark haven’t had sex for a year. Now, they’re back in couples counseling for the third time, rehashing their troubled relationship after having their second baby.


Directed by Chloé Hung

After finding an abandoned home in a post-apocalyptic future, a young couple is conflicted between staying isolated in their desert haven and risking their lives to search for others.


Directed by Jayil Pak

Preference for male children is thrown upside down when a Korean birth goddess in a maternity ward encounters a resistant soul and a girl offers to take his place.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 9
1:00 pm