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SHORTS: Beloved

An ode to Toni Morrison’s monstrous love, wandering ghosts, and the unruly histories that stick to skin and bone.

In this program

In Full Bloom

Directed by Maegan Houang

A mysterious trio of worms opens up a sinkhole that threatens to suck up everything in an old woman’s life.

Paï Paï

Directed by Matthieu Cabanes, Pauline Khamphone

Two women in very different but parallel journeys, as a mixed-race French woman arrives in Laos looking for the father she’s never met, but instead finds a receptive cousin willing to show her around.

Hungry Ghost

Directed by Benjamin Eckersley

An overseas Chinese and Hong Konger do all the things visitors do–eat, take pictures, bicker, while unbeknownst to them, a hungry ghost trails them, snacking along the way.

What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon

Directed by Jian Luo

Magic realism cradles a young woman who gives birth to a small jellyfish during a medical abortion and must decide what to do in the aftermath.

Lucky Girl

Directed by Sidi Wang

An 8-year-old Chinese adoptee treads water in a swimming pool of disorientation and identity after meeting her Chinese American neighbors on “gotcha day.”


Directed by VS Sanoj

To fulfill funeral rites, a grieving rich woman tries to strike a deal over the body of a poor woman’s son.

Hands and Wings

Directed by Sungbin Byun

Startling and provocative, a rarely seen look at queer desire and disability, portrayed with all its life force, fantasy, and frustration, and a mother-son relationship that upends taboos.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Thu, Nov 14
4:00 pm