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SHORTS: Fight Me, Bitch!

Sometimes, feminism is shaped like a fist, a Tinder swipe, or the last dumpling. From the mean girl, to the mother with postpartum depression, to the woman just trying to get by, these shorts have a battle to win, so fight me, bitch!

In this program

Gong Ju

Directed by Jerome Yoo

The Princess of the school builds a new Queendom when she is forced to move from South Korea to Canada.


Directed by Kim Min Jae

A middle aged restaurant worker with a slacker husband discovers she’s pregnant. She also has an annoying boss, a deaf dog, and fantasies of letting people have it.

Tail End of the Year

Directed by Chieh Yang

A child with a TV singer for a mom and a father that’s passed away celebrates Chinese New Year with her extended family, while feeling hot prickles of surliness as other kids get doted on to win the lucky coin.


Directed by Cara Lawson

Taut window into postpartum for one new mother who hallucinates about killing her baby, while keeping up appearances at a party.


Directed by Sining Xiang

It’s dog-eat-dog in this school of brutal and rich international Chinese students, as one student does anything she can to hide she’s secretly middle class.

Suzie Wrong

Directed by Stacie Gancayco-Adlao

Get your pumps on and your eyeliner on point. Start swiping right and remember to shut down racist white boys!

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 9
4:05 pm