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SHORTS: Full Contact

Both mundane and performative, the physical contact in these shorts—dancing, fighting, touching oneself, flying into cars— tap into memories and imagined experiences only possible when we leave our heads and let the body lead the way.

In this program

Gummy Power

Directed by Brian Cheng

The most epic duel ever to feature gummy bears.


Directed by Fuyuko Mochizuki

On a tiny island called Akuseki, an awkward young boy finds himself after relocating from the city and discovering the island gods known as Boze.


Directed by Stephanie Cheng

In a series of captivating but strangely off-putting encounters, a young ballerina and all her bodily sensations awaken while getting ready for rehearsal.


Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri

We’ve all thought about it at least once, but this family is planning on doing it for real: rehearsing a car accident to relieve themselves of a huge debt.


Directed by Vicente Roxas

A young typhoon survivor sees his dead parents everywhere, is a little obsessed with CPR, and practices slow dances while he works as a janitor at a school in Queens.

The Mask from Home

Directed by Jordan Hwang

The daughter of a Peking Opera dancer is the new kid at an American school, along with a very visible facial birthmark.


Directed by Gerald Ding

Biracial Muay Thai fighter tries to go pro while fighting demons of the Korean mom who abandoned her.

Fran This Summer

Directed by Mary Evangelista

Summer love and mixed emotions swirl for a teenage couple whose other half wishes to transition.

New Land Broken Road

Directed by Kavich Neang

One night and three b-boys and their unextraordinary lives in a rapidly changing Cambodia, as they go in search of a lost iPhone.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sun, Nov 10
1:30 pm