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SHORTS: Go For Broke

Chasing windmills means inventing new rules in these vibrant stories–from an elaborate ruse to win a father’s love, a casino bus turned Hawai’i-on-wheels, and a young translator-for-hire on a yellow brick road to dancing seniors.

In this program

Manila is Full of Men Named Boy

Directed by Andrew Stephen Lee

A man from the States desperate to impress his father in the Philippines, hires a moody boy to play his son, a plan that unexpectedly backfires during karaoke.

The Coin

Directed by Siqi Song

A felted stop-motion world sets the stage for a young woman searching for her jar of lucky Chinese New Year coins.


Directed by Anna Mikami

A young undocumented couple in love are on the run after an innocent night escalates out of their control.

Flo’s Bus

Directed by Dean Ishida

The last trip for Flo, a 77-year-old Hawaii-born, Japanese American woman who organizes bus trips to Vegas for her friends, and creates a mini slice of home on wheels.

Live Well

Directed by Bingyu Jiang

A calligraphy artist can’t seem to catch any breaks in this offbeat portrait of a Chinese artist with dreams and an unreliable narrator.

Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha

Directed by YuHui (Judie) Yang

A young woman defies her mother by visiting her grandpa in the countryside, with a spunky Taiwanese interpreter who knows how to navigate more than fading dialects.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Tue, Nov 12
4:00 pm