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A selection of family-friendly shorts to empower and excite the coming generation of bright, young dreamers and achievers.

Curated by Karen Chau, creator of the Emmy-nominated Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

In this program


Directed by Ellis Kayin Chan, Marine Varguy, Tena Galovic, Yen-Chen Liu, Zozo Jhen

Struggling to come to terms with the death of his grandpa, a young boy meets a new friend who may just give him hope.

Dong Kae (My Little One)

Directed by Steven Go

On the way to drop off his grandson, a grandfather loses contact with him in a crowded marketplace.

Invincible Boy

Directed by Julian Park

A young comic book nerd aspires to be a superhero in this inspiring tale of friendship and heroism.

Brush: A Fox Tale

Directed by Faustina Arriola, Willi Anton

When a fox subconsciously paints his lovely next door neighbor with his tail, a couple of friends get together to show it to her.

Good Night

Directed by Makiko Nanke

After being called to bed, a pair of siblings resume their fighting in their dreams.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 9
11:00 am