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Reel Voices empowers high school youth, one film at a time–tackling topics like self love, intergenerational trauma, and cultural identity, in stories that are both personal and deeply relevant to the broader San Diego community.

Join us for a special post-screening reception from 2:00PM-3:30PM, free for ticket holders and passholders.

Underwritten by Raze 4 Schools

In this program


Directed by Amiahlina Figueroa

In an apartment building in San Diego, a Chinese couple, a Japanese mom, and a Mexican security guard share where they’re from and their experience coming from another country. The building is an intermission to life.


Directed by Arianna Washington

Quince reflects on the different perspectives of the familial, social, and cultural pressures on teens to have a quinceañera.


Directed by Cassondra Flanery

Three teens discuss their mental health journey and how it’s impacted their lives, family, and growth.


Directed by Daud Abdinasir

A documentary exploring three perspectives of Muslim American Teenagers.

Marching On

Directed by Matthew Nazloo

Music, marching, and drumming. All parts of Marching Band, but what most people don’t know, is that there is so much more.


Directed by Melissa Ruiz

Two best friends talk beauty within themselves, media, and culture. They explore how they have grown from conforming to standard expectations to flourishing into their own definition of beauty.

Made with Love

Directed by Sophia Lee

Stories from the owners of three Korean inspired restaurants in Convoy about how food brings families together.


Directed by Roxy Morris

Adopted immigrants open up about their experiences with international adoption, finding identity, and redefine the typical American family.

Hecho en Mexico

Directed by Samantha Del Rio

Hecho en Mexico is about the beautiful city of Tijuana, exploring its arts and culture, all while tearing down the wall of stereotypes such as narcos.


Directed by Sumedh Neelakanti

Three friends share their stories about elementary school and reflect how childhood impacted their lives.

Kid Sister

Directed by Ysabella Smiley

In this love letter to childhood fantasies, a born entertainer uses her love of performing to honor her late grandma with a tribute show.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sun, Nov 10
12:00 pm