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Classics Restored


Film A CONFUCIAN CONFUSION Directed by Edward Yang Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang skewers modern Taipei culture through a satirical lens with A CONFUCIAN CONFUSION, rarely seen…

Bigger Is Better

Film Bigger Is Better Directed by Larry Tung A revealing look at the history, culture, and body politics of Asia’s bear subculture.
Unknown Pleasures


Film BLUE ISLAND Directed by Chan Tze Woon Through a mix of interviews, archival footage, and reenactment, recent protests for self-determination are knitted into Hong Kong’s…
Asia Pop!


Film GAGA Directed by Laha Mebow Eldest brother’s decision to run for local office hits a snag when an unexpected pregnancy rocks his family…
Classics Restored


Film GIRL’S SCHOOL Directed by Lee Mi-Mi From one of Taiwan’s pioneering women directors comes the high school drama of Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin, best friends…

Good Day

Film Good Day Directed by Zhang Zhi-teng A hapless father decides to go golfing during a typhoon—only his golf clubs are at the home of…
Asia Pop!


Film MAMA BOY Directed by Arvin Chen The cute but awkward Hong can’t be forced into love. Not by his mom who tries to set…
Unknown Pleasures


Film REMEMBER ME Directed by Hung Chun-hsiu Just off the coast of China is Kinmen, a heavily-fortified set of islands governed from afar by Taiwan.…


Film Sappukei Directed by Chun Wang, Hikky Chen Capturing reverberations, disorientations, and sculptures beyond time, a Japanese director wanders Saigon after losing her lead.

The Making of Crime Scenes

Film The Making of Crime Scenes Directed by Hsu Che-Yu In 1984, KMT operative Wu Dun famously assassinated dissident writer Henry Liu in the Bay Area. Less known…

The Moon and the Tree

Film The Moon and the Tree Directed by Tsai Ming-liang Director Tsai Ming-liang captures moments with two Taiwanese artists: Lee Pei-jing, former pop star, now undergoing physical therapy,…