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Asian American Panorama

Come Home, My Child

Film Come Home, My Child Directed by Jasmine Chinghui Lee After a full life in Taiwan, Mama Yang moves to New York City, where she discovers a new…
Centerpiece Film, Special Presentations

Artbound “East West Players: A Home On Stage”

Film Artbound “East West Players: A Home On Stage” Directed by Yu Gu Pat Morita, BD Wong, Nancy Kwan. The list goes on of luminary Asian American actors who have passed…


Film Elegies Directed by Ann Hui Ann Hui, celebrated icon of the Hong Kong New Wave, returns with musings about the past, present, and…
Classics Restored

The Fall of the I-Hotel

Film The Fall of the I-Hotel Directed by Curtis Choy In this classic of Asian American documentary, the eviction order of San Francisco's International Hotel – long-time home…
Asian American Panorama

How to Have an American Baby

Film How to Have an American Baby Directed by Leslie Tai Award-winning documentarian Leslie Tai shines a light on the business of Chinese women having babies in the U.S.…
Asian American Panorama

Nowhere Near

Film Nowhere Near Directed by Miko Revereza 2017 Los Angeles, 1940s Philippines, and 9/11 New York puzzle-piece together in Miko Revereza’s newest experimental documentary. With…
Asian American Panorama


Film Rally Directed by Rooth Tang For decades, Rose Pak was the kingmaker of San Francisco politics. Hailing from Chinatown, she ensured that no…
Unknown Pleasures

The Taste of Mango

Film The Taste of Mango Directed by Chloe Abrahams Artist-filmmaker Chloe Abrahams’ debut documentary explores the entwined legacies of her mother, a Sri Lankan immigrant living in…