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Killing Romance

킬링 로맨스

Directed by Lee Won-suk

Cast: Gong Myoung, Lee Ha-nee, Lee Sun-kyun

Opening Film, 2023 New York Asian Film Festival

Hwang Yeo-Rae (Lee Ha-nee) is catapulted to stardom after she sets a world record for chugging massive quantities of soda. When a shaky performance makes her the laughingstock of a fickle public and leaves her questioning her fame, she meets extravagant businessman and husband-to-be, Jonathan Na (Lee Sun-kyun of Parasite).

If the story ended here, it could’ve been a fairytale – except it turns out her Prince Charming is a controlling misogynist who reminds Yeo-Rae to smile and watch her weight. Trapped in his sterile man cave, Yeo-Rae’s misery is interrupted when she meets die-hard fanboy Bum-Woo (Gong Myung) and they hatch a war of rebellion. As the duo try tactic after tactic, from peanut poisoning, murder plots, and deadly sing-offs, Yeo-Rae rediscovers her joy of performance and possibly more.

From director Lee Won-suk (How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, SDAFF ’13 and Royal Tailor SDAFF ’15) comes a fantastical musical comedy that infuses magic into the mediocre and reminds viewers that there is real joy in embracing life on one’s own terms, even if it means leaning into your own ordinariness.

– Emily Liu

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Sun, Nov 5
3:10 pm

Edwards Mira Mesa

Mon, Nov 6
8:15 pm