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what we don’t talk about

Directed by Melanie Dang Ho

A Vietnamese family gets ready for a wedding: fastening cufflinks, curling hair, moving piles of laundry. As the filmmaker records and her sister primps, suddenly the air combusts with tension, rewriting the memories that came before.


The Taste of Mango

Directed by Chloe Abrahams

Artist-filmmaker Chloe Abrahams’ debut documentary explores the entwined legacies of her mother, a Sri Lankan immigrant living in the UK, her grandmother, and herself. Wielding a Handycam as paintbrush, Abrahams shifts between diasporic domestic scenes and abstract elsewheres, 1970s country songs and generational echoes, constructing a textured, glittering family portrait of once-unspeakable inheritances.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Tue, Nov 7
6:25 pm