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SHORTS: Animorphs

Shorts that explore the mystery of shifting physical forms whether human to animal, home to dust, or a corpse to a million tiny lives.

Screening to be followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.
This screening is part of our FREE Films at 4 series.

In this program

I Have No Legs, and I Must Run

Directed by Yue Li

Set within a visually dramatic training camp, an aging athlete must grapple with a talented young newcomer.

White Ant 

Directed by Shalini Adnani

A man returns to his ancestral home to deal with a termite infestation, only to find it irreversibly changed.


Directed by Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

When a mysterious octopus-turned-man rescues a wounded island warrior, their love protects each other and their lush, vibrant land from colonial invasion.


Directed by Yvonne Zhang

While living with her mother running a hotel, the living and the dead, the tiny and the cosmic, intersect vividly under a child’s unwavering gaze.

The Light

Directed by Hanyoung CHAE

Two workers at a deer farm have opposing approaches to the unspeakable act of slaughter.

Sawo Matang

Directed by Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto

Set in near-future Indonesia, high school antics turn dystopic when a Native Indonesian girl performs a newly legalized ritual by her Chinese Indonesian crush.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Wed, Nov 8
4:00 pm