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SHORTS: Exactly What You Should Be Doing

Stories that play in the zone between vocation and vacation, a sense of purpose and the siren song of perhaps.

Screening to be followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Underwritten by Kiku.

In this program

Primitive Times

Directed by Hao Yu

In this hilarious animation, absurdity meets capitalist worklife dissonance as primitive cave scenes are voiced through interviews with beleaguered present day workers.

BENKYODO: The Last Manju Shop in J-Town

Directed by Akira Boch, Tadashi Nakamura

A bittersweet tribute to Ricky and Bobby Okamura and their historically rich manju shop Benkyodo, which served San Francisco’s Japantown for 115 years. A film that’ll make both your eyes and mouth water.

First Chair

Directed by Ethan Montgomery, Luke Montgomery

With a new student’s arrival, artistry and musicianship compete as a high school clarinetist strives to maintain her position as first chair.

She Sings for the World

Directed by Beau Han Bridge

A mom’s clear passion for the work she did in China is a reminder to the documentarian that he can never truly share her past.

Here, Hopefully

Directed by Hao Zhou

Zee, a non-binary nursing student from China, is determined to survive exams, internships, and visa applications to build a gender-affirming life in rural Iowa.

Facing the Sea in Spring Blossom

Directed by Mel Sangyi Zhao

On a beach getaway with friends, a depressed art student tries to befriend his salty suicide hotline counselor while his friends philosophize about mental distress.

Return to Youth

Directed by Mel Sangyi Zhao

Bing, a dance instructor well into her 50s, re-examines her relationship, her sexuality, and her youth after a friend suggests a vaginal rejuvenation program. 

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Sat, Nov 4
12:55 pm