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SHORTS: Kinterest

The many moodboards of kin, whether chosen or biological, imagined or all-too-real.

Screening to be followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.
This screening is part of our FREE Films at 4 series.

In this program

More Bounce

Directed by Alexis Si'i

Southern Californian Samoan bouncers reflect on their experiences with chaos and companionship while working this unique job.

Find Where I Belong

Directed by Kahu Kaiha

Living unhoused in New Zealand, the friendship of carefree John and young Elvis is upended by Elvis’ dreams of returning to his Marquesas Islands home.

Adam’s Song

Directed by Nathan Xia

On the eve of his album release, a hopeful San Diego musician struggles to find connection.

Golden Voice

Directed by Mars Verrone

A transgender singer returns to the work camp where he found love and survived genocide under the Khmer Rouge. A valuable document on the persistence and possibilities of queer kinship.

What They Left Behind

Directed by Xingyu Gu

In this animated personal doc, a Chinese woman reflects on her grandparents’ lives and comes to terms with the death and patriarchal trauma which haunts her everyday life.

The Voyager’s Legacy

Directed by Bailey Poching

Set during the Dawn Raids, the three youngest kids in a bustling Samoan family conjure fantasy and adventure even as reality creeps in.

Supermarket Affairs

Directed by Hang Luong Nguyen

Instead of focusing on the anniversary of her husband’s death, Mrs. Hoa gets hot for a much younger man. Karaoke visions and clandestine cigarettes ensue.

100% USDA Certified Organic Homemade Tofu

Directed by Gbenga Komolafe

Equipped with fiery sass and spices, Nikki will do anything to get her boob job– even work at her mother’s struggling tofu restaurant.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Fri, Nov 3
4:00 pm