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SHORTS: Landscape Mode

The natural world as provider and witness – where sunlight is a luxury good, insect sounds infect art utopias, humans adopt bird language, an unusual fish pond tells a painful history, and squirrels conspire to help war victims.

Screening to be followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Co-Presented by James Wicks, Ph.D., Professor of Media & Film Studies at PLNU and  Bionic Sisters Productions.

In this program

Invasive Species

Directed by Annie Ning

An Asian American artist’s imposter syndrome clashes with communal eating in the singular world that is an artist residency.

Tracing History

Directed by Jalena Keane-Lee

From an unlikely catfish pond to household shards of another time, a mother and daughter find their family’s hidden history as Chinese laborers in the land around them.


Directed by Xelîl Sehragerd

With a quiet connection to woodcarving, squirrels, and the land around him, carpenter Hussein Mahmood creates wooden legs for those who have lost them to landmines.


Directed by Xixi Xie

Minatures in protective gear face harsh landscapes affected by microwaving a cake.


Directed by Omi Zola Gupta, Sparsh Ahuja

Both a form of speech and a musical form, a look at the dying whistling language of three Hmong men in northern Laos and their closeness with nature in the face of modernity.

Through Sunless Ways

Directed by Katelyn Rebelo, Kira Dane

A documentary illuminating the complexities of light in New York City as it relates to gentrification, surveillance, and celebration.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Thu, Nov 9
6:20 pm