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SHORTS: Reel Voices

Audacious. Expressive. Illimitable. This year’s twelve filmmakers from our Reel Voices documentary filmmaking program explore their sense of self through cultural, generational, and interpersonal identity.

Followed by a Q&A with our Reel Voices filmmakers.

Admission to the SHORTS: REEL VOICES program includes a post-screening reception from 2:00pm-3:30pm at The Patio next to Edwards Mira Mesa theater.

This is a FREE screening.

In this program

Stand Up Speak Up

Directed by Paziano Parel-Sewell

Where comedy meets social justice.

coneflower women

Directed by KC Park

Having fun has no age.

La Nueva Flor

Directed by Emmanuel Enriquez

Three generations of Mexican Americans reflect on their cultural identities and how it has shaped their experiences in the US, family dynamics, and the values they instill in the next generation.

Berg Mo

Directed by Anaheta Hamzai

External racism can lead to internal racism and reactively distancing away from our culture. Growth can occur through sharing experiences; different cultures and traditions do not have to be treated as an ‘unknown.’

de aquí y de allá.

Directed by Leilani Gonzalez

Explores assimilation, belonging, and the sensation of not feeling enough for your own community or too much for others, all within the spectrum of Mexican American identities.


Directed by Yezy Suh

Reflections on fleeting memories with grandparents, and the stories, lessons, and details that may never be known.

Parallel Lives

Directed by Arwan Shrivastava


Inside Onyx

Directed by Attila Sharipbek

Inside a destructive mind, we find beauty within.

The Warrior Within

Directed by Jacquelyn Dy

Defend yourself when no one else does.

Growing Up

Directed by Isabel Kim

An artistic documentary that reflects the unspoken trials and triumphs of growing up – how our past, present, and future often correspond with each other in ways that we don’t realize.

Puppy Love

Directed by Nella Sak

It’s just young, dumb, love. Right?


Directed by Patrick Jang

We all have a story to share.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Sun, Nov 5
12:00 pm

Edwards Mira Mesa

Sun, Nov 5
12:50 pm