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SHORTS: Take Me Now Fish God

A hyper-pop fever dream of sexy fish deities, synchronized crocodile spinning, and an AI goddess, where each surrealistic fantasy overwhelms despair with color, flair, and camp.

This screening is part of our FREE Films at 4 series.

In this program

Garden Amidst the Flame

Directed by Natasha Tontey

Minahasa rituals are reimagined in this candy-tinted realm, where girls become warriors fighting Power Rangers-like monsters and still have time to arm wrestle each other.

Lux Chroma

Directed by Ari Yong

In a technological dystopian metaverse, one man can save the world by color-correcting people’s auras.

Chomp It!

Directed by Lam Li Shuen, Mark Chua

It’s a cute boy summer: poolside yearning, synchronized crocodile transformations, and an existential crisis between respectability and surrendering to desire!


Directed by Stephen Lopez

A girl befriends Kiefer, a radioactive talking catfish, and take on the dystopian forces around them.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Tue, Nov 7
4:00 pm