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Falling in Love Like in Movies

Jatuh Cinta Seperti Di Film-Film

Directed by Yandy Laurens

Cast: Ringgo Agus Rahman, Nirina Zubir, Alex Abbad, Sheila Dara Aisha

Bagus knows he is destined to be more than a screenwriting hack, churning out film adaptations of bad soap operas. He’s given the chance to write something original – a truly unique romance film – only he needs some cues from real life. Enter Hana, his old high school flame, the one who got away. As his rekindled interactions with her find their way into his script, is he still a hack, copying lines from real life? And worse yet: is he not the lover in real-life that he is in his imagination? A clever meta-rom-com and one of the most acclaimed Indonesian films of 2023.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Wed, Apr 24
7:55 pm