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The Moon Thieves


Directed by Yuen Kim-wai

Cast: Anson Lo, Edan Lui, Keung To, Louis Cheung

Opening Film, 2024 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Vincent may be an expert watch forger, but he doesn’t have the disposition of a criminal. So when an underworld boss strongarms him into joining a watch heist in Tokyo, he’s caught way out of his league. But the temptation of getting his hands on the holy grail of rare timepieces keeps him going even if it means he’s locked in the crosshairs of gangsters and yakuza. A rollicking fun caper of safecrackers, Cantopop stars, and double-dealers going for the gold while the clock goes tick, tick…


Co-Presented by The Hong Konger Club.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Sat, Apr 20
12:30 pm

UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Wed, Apr 24
5:40 pm