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Jeans meets shorts in these fresh takes on awkward lengths, 90’s nostalgia, and thinking outside the denim box. From black comic book writers to Filipino house parties and a Vietnamese teen desperately seeking lost love.

In this program

Sigh Gone

Directed by Jeannie Nguyen

Forlorn from a breakup, Thuy lazes across her apartment, wandering through the streets of Saigon.

Table Stakes

Directed by Khai Thu Nguyen

On the very edge of subculture, two Black comic book writers try to make it in the independent anime scene.


Directed by Beibei Xu

When a goody two-shoes teenager walks on the wild side, she loses the lucky jade bracelet her Buddhist grandmother gave to her.


Directed by Eugene Kim

It’s Daly City in the 90s and the Sanrio vibe is heavy. Christian can’t catch a break all day, when all he wants is to find the phone number for that girl, Cherry.

Kaaway (Enemy)

Directed by Wester Demandante

Two young boys, one Fil Am and one from the Philippines, get in a fight only to be forced to spend time with each other.


Directed by Richard Van

A portrait of grace in spite of aching failure, preternaturally cheerful Hieu chases the fantasy of convincing others–whether it’s getting rich quick, returning to Vietnam, or reuniting with his estranged wife and son.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium

Fri, Nov 15
4:00 pm