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Whether full-time or temp, stories that defy the work/life divide and remind us that some of the strangest fictions and frictions take place on the clock. Explore the uncanniness of the workspace from middle aged hazing, DMZ meltdowns, and the surreal food delivery hustle.

In this program

Clam Dog

Directed by Jeannie Nguyen

A fast food worker pulls a hot dog out of her vagina. Now a food deliverer is tasked with the ethical dilemma of serving a vaginated dog.


Directed by Teddy Ninh

Memories of a dad’s Chinese food truck collide with the strange synthetic prisms of 3D animation.

A Sweet and Sour Christmas

Directed by Aram Siu Wai Collier

Welcome to the world of chicken balls and a Canadian Chinese restaurant that is the center of life for the tight knit family who runs it.

Cuba Scalds His Hand

Directed by Abby Sun & Daniel Garber

Verite vignette bursts with a Latino, Japanese truck-driving, wrist-burning wrangler named Cuba.

To Each Your Sarah

Directed by Deokgeun Kim

Abandoned by her husband, a former queen bee suffers through hazing and nausea to work at an intestine cleaning slaughterhouse.

Air Conditioner in Panmunjeom

Directed by Lee Tae-hun

Temperatures and political tensions comically escalate as a South Korean repairman must fix a broken AC dangerously close to the North Korean side of the DMZ.


Directed by Jegwang Yeon

When the friend of a young factory worker dies during an immigration raid, trying to honor the dead reveals darker secrets.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Mon, Nov 11
4:00 pm