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Directed by Michelle Savill

Cast: Ana Scotney, Chris Alosio, Jillian Nguyen

Official Selection, 2022 Berlin International Film Festival

Millie is a skilled liar. Not a bad person exactly—she’s not lying to hurt—she’s lying because of what she can’t face in herself. MILLIE LIES LOW is an invitation to revel in those lies, to appreciate Millie’s talent for obfuscation.

Millie has already given up her apartment and said goodbye to her loved ones when she has a panic attack and can’t stay on her flight to go abroad for a prestigious internship. This leaves her barred from the future she’s fought (and cheated) for, stuck in a past she should have left behind. Without housing, money, or connections she can reach out to, and haunted by an ad campaign she did as “a student on the rise,” Millie finds ingenious ways out of impossible situations.

MILLIE LIES LOW is a comedic Talented Mr. Ripley without the murders. And yet, so much of what Millie’s dealing with is life or death, and what isn’t is every bit as complicated. A study on shame and the lengths we go to to avoid it, that’s cringey and raw and unbelievably fun.

—Laura Skokan

Dates & Times



Fri, Nov 4
5:10 pm


Sat, Nov 5
2:55 pm