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  • 100 mins

Films about boundaries, borders, beginnings, and endings, and living in the elsewhen in the here and now.

In this program

In Living Memory

Directed by Quyên Nguyen-Le

Cathy’s Nails was shuttered during the pandemic. Weaving documentary, performance, installation, sculpture, and an awe-inspiring archive of home videos, this film presents a living practice of memory between Cathy’s Nails’ intrepid entrepreneur, her child, and their chosen family.

Only the Moon Stands Still

Directed by Johnson Cheng

When their matriarch collapses, a mother and daughter navigate running the family ballroom—and chasing other dreams—in the absence of its star.

Into the Violet Belly

Directed by Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi

The film’s narrator, facing challenges with her graduate project, recounts a tale of staggering adversity shared by her mother—establishing perspective and a bridge between generations.

Futility Season

Directed by Hoda Sobhani

Two friends, Hoda and Neda, experience Iran’s Bloody November from distinctly removed places. Hoda has emigrated to the United States to pursue filmmaking, and Neda is in jail in Iran for political activism.

Further and Further Away

Directed by Polen Ly

Two indigenous Bunong siblings plan to move to the city in search of better opportunities. But first, haunted by dreams, one wants to visit the village where her parents died.

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Tue, Nov 8
4:00 pm