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  • 88 mins

Whether sheltering in place or lonely where the heart is, stories about traveling home, being stuck at home, and inescapable tethers to the ties that bind.

In this program


Directed by Sujin Moon

Anime, cuteness, and body horror converge in this unsettling unpeeling of the surfaces we inhabit.

The Life I Know

Directed by Cami Kwan, Marie Jamora

Getting old is hard, even when you’re a toddler. This stop motion plays with dimensionality and felt to help our lead embark on a spirit quest and learn about being a big sister.

Will You Look At Me

Directed by Shuli Huang

A lushly shot exploration of time, about homophobia that stays and sticks and harms, about complicated histories and relationships and love, and what forgiveness might look like when it’s a gift you give yourself.

Ridiculous Nurshad

Directed by Ikram Nurmehmet

A group of Uyghur friends debate a dubious opinion about COVID-19 over a hearty meal, as Emir Kusturica’s Underground plays on a TV in the background.

Unfamiliar Familiar

Directed by Hae-Sup Sin

Death forces a woman to fly to Korea during the pandemic, and in doing so she is confronted by her past.

Dates & Times



Fri, Nov 4
4:00 pm


Wed, Nov 9
5:30 pm