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  • 96 mins

A love letter and behind-the-curtain peek at the lives of artists, the making of art, and the unmaking of the very shapes we create it in.

In this program

Asian Cinema Club

Directed by Hannah Marianetti, James Yu

Ingeniously tongue-in-cheek and subversive, two friends make a documentary about a t-shirt business called Asian Cinema Club: a lifestyle, a community, a dialogue.

The Blessing

Directed by Ziyao Liu

An international filmmaking student struggles to make a video for her mother’s wedding. Grief, stress, and loneliness deconstruct the fabric of her blessing.


Directed by Janelle Feng

A Peking Opera troupe arrives in Vancouver and gets ready to take the stage.

My Mother’s Daughter

Directed by Flo Singer

Two estranged half-sisters—one born and raised in China, the other in the U.S.—meet for the very first time.

Party Poster

Directed by Rishi Chandna

For the people of one suburb in Mumbai, to have your face plastered on a public banner is a unique form of social currency. On the occasion of a religious celebration, a group of men band together to advertise themselves and the party they’re throwing—to absurd comedic effects.

All I Ever Wanted

Directed by Erin Lau

Rom-com obsessed Christine discovers her Prince Charming is not what she imagined him to be, in this queer love story that rescues a genre-in-distress from its outdated ideals.

The Acceptance Speech

Directed by Kexin Yao

Through a richly rhythmic stream of consciousness, an artist contemplates the narrative arc of an acceptance speech, while the narrative structure of the film sprawls kaleidoscopically.

The Voice Actress

Directed by Anna J. Takayama

Kingyo, a voice actress in Tokyo, bestows delightful and unearthly voices to cartoon characters. The world of voice acting is changing, though, leaving veterans like Kingyo in the past.

Dates & Times



Sun, Nov 6
7:35 pm