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100 Yards

Film 100 Yards Directed by Xu Haofeng, Xu Junfeng It’s non-stop showdowns when a kungfu master’s son battles his father’s #1 apprentice for the throne to the…

All Ears

Film All Ears Directed by Liu Jiayin Once an up-and-coming screenwriter, Wen Shan is now a eulogy writer, meeting with strangers to tell stories of…

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Film All Tomorrow’s Parties Directed by Zhang Dalei In this subdued ode to spectacle with gentle one-takes, a woman sells tickets to a movie for factory…

Facing the Sea in Spring Blossom

Film Facing the Sea in Spring Blossom Directed by Mel Sangyi Zhao On a beach getaway with friends, a depressed art student tries to befriend his salty suicide hotline counselor…
Classics Restored

Farewell My Concubine

Film Farewell My Concubine Directed by Chen Kaige Starring the legendary Leslie Cheung and Gong Li, this epoch-defining saga of two boys who become Peking opera…

I Have No Legs, and I Must Run

Film I Have No Legs, and I Must Run Directed by Yue Li Set within a visually dramatic training camp, an aging athlete must grapple with a talented young newcomer.

Lotus-Eyed Girl

Film Lotus-Eyed Girl Directed by Rajee Samarasinghe Old family photos collide with lush psychographics to explore the imprint of colonialism and power on desire.

Pipa and Lizard

Film Pipa and Lizard Directed by ZHANG Hanyu A small-town girl vies to join the local gang in this pulpy teen-drama.


Film Reality Directed by Xixi Xie Minatures in protective gear face harsh landscapes affected by microwaving a cake.

Return to Youth

Film Return to Youth Directed by Mel Sangyi Zhao Bing, a dance instructor well into her 50s, re-examines her relationship, her sexuality, and her youth after a…