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Lotus-Eyed Girl

Directed by Rajee Samarasinghe

Old family photos collide with lush psychographics to explore the imprint of colonialism and power on desire. Loosely based on the poem “Caurapañcāśikā” by Bilhana, while imprisoned for an affair with Princess Yaminipurnatilaka.



Directed by Visakesa Chandrasekaram

A former Tamil Tiger is released on bail. With his mother, he returns home in search of his long-lost love. In the process, he finds a silenced community, having borne witness to a scarring civil war and the paralysis caused by past and ever-present violence. A still, spiritual journey of war’s aftermath and the land on which a town endures.

Dates & Times


Edwards Mira Mesa

Mon, Nov 6
6:35 pm