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A Normal Family

보통의 가족

Directed by Hur Jin-ho

Cast: Sul Kyung-gu, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Hee-ae, Claudia Kim

Official Selection, 2023 Toronto International Film Festival

Jae-gyu (Jang Dong-gun) is the principled brother. He’s a pediatrician with a strict moral code. Jae-wan (Sul Kyung-gu) is the pragmatic one. He’s a lawyer who will take any case, like that of a rich man’s son, who rams his Maserati into a stranger and his daughter. When the injured daughter is brought to Jae-gyu’s ER, the two brothers face off in a delicious moral drama as operatic as it is tense, with egos afire and twists abound. From the acclaimed director of Christmas in August and The Last Princess (SDAFF ’16).

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Sat, Apr 20
5:35 pm

UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Tue, Apr 23
6:00 pm