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Snow Leopard

གངས་གཟིག (雪豹)

Directed by Pema Tseden

Cast: Jinpa, Xiong Ziqi, Tseten Tashi, Losang Choepel

Official Selection, 2023 Venice Film Festival
Grand Prize, 2023 Tokyo International Film Festival
Best Film, 2024 Vesoul Asian Film Festival

A snow leopard breaks into a sheep pen, killing nine rams and setting off a debate about what to do next: kill the intruder or set it free. A TV news crew arrives, as does a young monk who also happens to be an amateur photographer of snow leopards. As the debate boils, tensions between human and animal, tradition and modernity, law and spirit, emerge through an unforgettable blend of the real and surreal.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Sun, Apr 21
7:15 pm