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Tháng năm rực rỡ

Directed by Nguyen Quang-dung

Cast: Hồng Ánh, Thanh Hằng, Mỹ Uyên, Tuyền Mập, Mỹ Duyên, Hoàng Yến Chibi

Official Selection, 2018 Viet Film Fest
Official Selection, 2018 London East Asian Film Festival

GO-GO SISTERS follows the lives of six high school girls, from the days leading up to the events of the Fall of Saigon, to their lives as middle-aged women in present day Ho Chi Minh City.

The girls, calling themselves the Wild Horses, protect each other when needed, fighting their rivals and sometimes each other. Despite that, they vow never to leave each other’s side, a promise made especially poignant when in present day, one of them discovers their former group leader is battling late-stage cancer. Rushing to bring the gang back together before it’s too late, we see flashbacks of the girls in resplendent vintage postcard colors, experiencing close friendship and first crushes amid bullying and student protests.

Director Nguyễn Quang Dũng’s remake of the South Korean hit Sunny (SDAFF Spring Showcase ‘12) stands on its own as a sisterhood dramedy that combines pivotal history with song-and-dance sequences. Its Vietnamese title translating roughly as the brightest and most promising times in one’s life, GO-GO SISTERS shows us moments of joy between moments of anguish, and that sometimes the hardest wars aren’t fought on battlefields but within ourselves.

– Wilda Wong

Co-Presented by: UCSD API Alumni Council, Vietnamese American Youth Alliance (VAYA),  Union Bank Aspire

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Unknown Venue

Thu, Nov 15
5:40 pm