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Directed by Su Lun

Cast: Tong Liya, Lei Jiayin, Xu Zheng

They say that opposites attract – as if cosmic forces magnetically pull the most unlikeliest of people together. In the time travel romcom HOW LONG WILL I LOVE U, that magnet happens to be a tiny apartment that throws together two lonely occupants who exist decades apart.

Sardonic and superficial, Gu Xiaojiao is a modern woman desperately looking to marry rich and climb the status ladder. Lu Ming is a simple but struggling man looking for a big break in his career. The two return home to their shoddy apartment, alone and unlucky day after day, until one morning they wake up – together, in the same bed. The two accept their new reality, alternating between 1999 and 2018 depending on which door they step out of, and a fragile romance blossoms. If finding love was easy, everything else is not, whether it’s trying to cheat the lottery, Google-searching your destiny, or figuring out how to love each other in different time periods – and the universe dishes out obstacles accordingly. As Lu Ming learns his future and how it affects Xiaojiao, he must decide between having everything he’s ever dreamed of, or sacrificing it all for love.

As wacky as a time travel romance may sound, the comedic chemistry of Xiaojiao (Tong Liya) and Lu Ming (Lei Jiayin) deliver more than enough charm to suspend belief in time/space theories and get us wrapped into a heartfelt story of love and the ultimate sacrifice.  

– Maryanne Bilbao

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Unknown Venue

Mon, Nov 12
1:00 pm

Unknown Venue

Tue, Nov 13
6:20 pm