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Directed by Sunny Chan

Cast: Francis Ng, Poon Chan Leung, Kenny Wong, Wu Tsz Tung Tony, Nancy Wu, Jennifer Yu

Official Selection, 2018 New York Asian Film Festival

After avoiding the latest round of employee layoffs at Pegasus Broadband, a failing Hong Kong telecom company, four long-time engineers reluctantly join the company’s new dragon boat team in an attempt to save their jobs. Sadly, these loveable losers are used to being overlooked and disrespected by upper management, which means they have no actual interest in changing their status quo. Enter Dorothy, their ambitious dragon boat coach with dreams of being one of the few female coaches, who steps in to see if she can finally get this group of misfits motivated and ready for competition.

If there ever was an underdog team that truly needed the help, the men on this dragon would qualify. Not only does Pegasus Broadband consider them disposable, their romantic relationships are either collapsing or already fully broken. But with training, hyper-focus on a common goal, and empathy for their teammates, these once-helpless amateurs have an opportunity to become champions.

James Paguyo

Co-Presented by: San Diego Dragon Boat TeamSan Diego Alliance for Asian Pacific Islander Americans

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 10
6:45 pm

Unknown Venue

Sun, Nov 11
2:10 pm