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Directed by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo

Cast: Ryza Cenon, JC Santos

Most Brilliant Performer Award, 2018 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Mistaken identity turns into thoughtful romantic comedy as Raffy and Gela meet serendipitously as part of a group excursion to the beautiful island of Palawan. Both have their own secret intentions for this trip – one wants to remember and one wants to forget the painful memories of their respective pasts. Because they share a last name, Raffy and Gela are mistaken for a married couple to the excitement of their fellow travelers, a group of new and seasoned lovers. Raffy and Gela decide to go along with the act, discovering that they enjoy each other’s company in increasingly long nights filled with honest conversations on their philosophies of love and healing.

A veteran of multiple SDAFF hits including Kita Kita (SDAFF ‘17) and Lorna (SDAFF ‘15), Sigrid Andrea Bernardo again infuses her magic into this ruminating journey full of chemistry, charisma, and reflections as clear-cut as the waters of El Nido. Don’t be fooled – Bernardo foregoes sugarcoating sentiments and syrupy gimmicks and instead packs emotional punches like the last tequila shot that sends you over the edge (with a dose of satire for good measure). This rawness keeps Raffy and Gela from being the typical love duo, and instead humanizes them as people searching for peace, happiness, and wholeness.

Maryanne Bilbao

Admission for the Friday, Nov. 9 screening includes a special reception preceding the screening.

Underwritten by: PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company

Co-Presented by: The Asian Pacific Alliance of County Employees (APACE)Aris Elijah Pugal FoundationCouncil of Philippine American OrganizationsSDSU – Asian Pacific Student Alliance (APSA)Council for Teaching Filipino Language and CultureHeali’i’s Polynesian RevueSDSU – Andres Bonifacio Samahan

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Fri, Nov 9
7:00 pm

Unknown Venue

Thu, Nov 15
8:05 pm