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Directed by Tanuj Chopra

Cast: Anthony Ma, Grace Su

LA Muse Fiction Award, Los Angeles Film Festival

When a digital form of dick envy creeps into a millennial couple’s relationship, a battle ensues, only to pause briefly for food poisoning. As Peggy and Luke wade through a borderless period of time with fights, sex, more fights, and even more sex, STAYCATION’s improvisational and naturalistic style takes a small space and a small fight and floods it with life through innovative cinematography and montages. Hilarious, raunchy, and fraught, STAYCATION represents the creative millennial’s struggle of wanting to pursue their passion while also wanting to make giant orders of takeout, as seen through the eyes of a couple who can’t seem to figure out what to do with their day, or each other.

The latest from director Tanuj Chopra (Chee and T, SDAFF ‘16), STAYCATION has so much of what we admire in Asian American independent cinema: a refreshing style, beautifully tense moments, sharp dialogue, charismatic leads, and relationship intricacies not possible in Hollywood. But STAYCATION also has everything we crave from a signature Chopra film: raunchy renditions of real issues we face in our daily lives.

– Aleya Zenieris

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Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 10
3:15 pm