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Consider these shorts as messages to the world, smuggled out on a secret USB, embedded in artificial contact lenses, Instagram memes, encrypted memos, and all kinds of surreal border crossings.

In this program


Directed by Jeannie Nguyen

With a psyche stretched between white and yellow, a Vietnamese American teenager dabbles in blue eyes and blond hair, petty vengeance and modeling, 90s styles that make the skin feel alive, and a don’t-give-a-fuckery friend who slaps the Beckys and brings on the bleach.


Directed by Andrew Ahn

A Korean American woman more familiar with chilling on the living room floor in Minnesota with her guy friends, catches feelings while digesting a breast cancer diagnosis. A new indie pilot from Andrew Ahn and writer and star Naomi Ko, about finding your nerve while on the verge of life changes.


Directed by Barna Szász, Ellie Wen

Funny and moving counterpoint to the criticism that technology isolates rather than connects, through a portrait of queer Instagram sensation Tim Chau, who was suicidal due to his homophobic family. Surprising friendships, big reveals, immersion in the social media life, amidst vulnerable conversations by phone and Skype.


Directed by Puck Lo

At the Arizona/Mexico border a surreal juxtaposition of the military training architectures of simulated war, bombs, and fake Middle East villages while surveillance cameras and US Border Patrol pressure migrants into deadly outcomes, and a San Diego volunteer group look for their remains. A look at the resonances of war, displacement, and labor migrations.


Directed by Chen Xu

A delicate love pentagon with filmmaking, as a Chinese director struggles to shoot a film in the US, after one of his actors drops out, and his ambiguous relationship with his star and a visiting filmmaker friend trigger new production issues.

Dates & Times


Unknown Venue

Sat, Nov 10
1:10 pm