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Directed by Kearen Pang

Cast: Jer Lau Ying Ting, Keung To, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan

Official Selection, 2022 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Once upon a time, Mei-fung was a top talent manager at a record company, rubbing shoulders with Hong Kong’s entertainment elite. But when she gave birth to her son, Hin, she chose to leave her career behind and focus on being a mother. Now, with her son nearly graduated from high school, she decides to re-emerge by taking on a small job at her friend’s music school for children.

While working, Mei-Fung meets Fang Ching, played by Keung To of pop sensation MIRROR, a local delivery boy who can sing, dance, and make it look good. Old habits die hard, and Mei-Fung cannot resist trying to make him a star, just like she used to in her previous life. Pulling on her old industry connections, Mei-Fung quickly launches Fang into fame.

Nothing is without cost, however. Previous resentments and unspoken bitterness arise between parent and child. Fang holds near a painful secret. MAMA’S AFFAIR is a touching behind-the-scenes look at the Cantopop industry, and the paths of self-realization and forgiveness on the way to stardom.

—Yang Jiang


Co-Presented by The Hong Konger Club.

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Sat, Nov 5
5:20 pm


Wed, Nov 9
6:10 pm