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  • 94 mins

An eclectic mix of liminal and liberatory stories, starring a caretaker of corpses, anarchic animations, and stranded translators.

In this program

Laboratory NO.2

Directed by Aware Omer, Edris Abdi

A veteran corpse handler working in the autopsy department of an Iranian university hospital approaches retirement, reflecting on the unique relationships he has forged with non-sentient bodies.


Directed by Wei Li

Wei Li depicts the underside of paradise with a Gauguin-esque animation style. Through the story of a Tahitian resort dancer, movement is explored in its multiplicity: as object of consumption, as ritual, and as wisdom of the body.

All I Want is Everything

Directed by Alexandra Cuerdo

Echoes of Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow reverberate through this pulsing tale of an Asian baddie’s by-any-means-necessary approach to college admissions.

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

Directed by Yoko Yuki

Featuring cryptic, puzzle-in-a-puzzle lines like “the cabbage on the roof goes kaboom,” this hand-drawn, totally freewheeling animation is a mystery and delight.

Did it Hurt?

Directed by Nathan Carreon Lim

Nathan Lim honors his Muay Thai coach Nattawat Jophromma (aka Ajarn Wat) with this portrait that serves as “sort of a prayer,” dutifully recounting Johpromma’s past and his relationship with violence.


Directed by Chun Wang, Hikky Chen

Capturing reverberations, disorientations, and sculptures beyond time, a Japanese director wanders Saigon after losing her lead.

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Mon, Nov 7
4:00 pm