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  • 87 mins

Now in its third year, films that retrieve elliptical histories from unruly archives, remixing the echoes and artifacts of all that’s left behind.

In this program


Directed by Kalpana Subramanian

A study of the collective and somatic, through audio-visual collisions of bodies of water, bodies underwater, and militaristic archival footage projected on the walls of a house.

All The things You Leave Behind

Directed by Chanasorn Chaikitiporn

Using archival footage and declassified documents, filmmaker Chanasorn Chaikitiporn paints a dense, experimental portrait of American militarism’s dark hold on Thai life over the decades.

It’s Raining Frogs Outside

Directed by Maria Estela Paiso

A young woman returns home at the end of the world, where it’s raining frogs outside. She’s despondent, alone, pushed to the edge of visceral discomfort, and tortured by her memories and the house itself.


Directed by Crystal Z Campbell

Ambiguous images mirror alternate modes of perception and create a litmus test for historical interpretation in this experimental testimony by filmmaker and artist Crystal Z. Campbell, whose Black, Filipinx, and Chinese identity marks a distinctly intersectional approach to their artmaking.

What Rules The Invisible

Directed by Tiffany Sia

Tiffany Sia’s essay film mixes amateur travelogue footage of Hong Kong with family oral history to capture ghosts, oppositional gazes, and what refuses to disappear.

In the Beginning, Woman was the Sun

Directed by Sylvia Schedelbauer

A pulsing, flowering monument-in-light to Japanese sufragettes and feminists.

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Sat, Nov 5
5:55 pm