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  • 90 mins

Films that toss their viewers in a time-and-space salad, mixing riddles of paradox with near (and nearly familiar) futures.

In this program

Sugar Glass Bottle

Directed by Neo Sora

In this stylish neo-noir set in a near-future Tokyo, two teenage boys planning a prank discover the hard edges of the real estate market.

A Man Trembles

Directed by Lam Li Shuen, Mark Chua

Set during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, a family of three plot an otherworldly escape at Sentosa Island.


Directed by Andrew Theodore Balasia

A [friend/father/what-have-you]-for-hire navigates professional boundaries in this heady film about intimacy, time, and what it is we want (when we can get almost exactly what we want) out of relationships.


Directed by Rajee Samarasinghe

When Rajee Samarasinghe’s mother was a child, she was sent away from her parents to live with other relatives. STRANGERS chronicles this moment, calling attention to all that has been lost, forgotten, estranged, and emptied.

The Round Chessboard

Directed by Nobukazu Kawabata

Filmed in one take, three friends—possibly out of this world—discuss flying to space.

Chinatown 2050

Directed by Linda Zhang, Maxim Gertler-Jaffe

Possible futures abound in this speculative documentary envisioning five individual outlooks on Toronto’s Chinatown.

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Sun, Nov 6
3:15 pm