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South Korea

Agari-Fighter (Mouth & Mouth Fighter)

Film Agari-Fighter (Mouth & Mouth Fighter) Directed by Ga hyeon Seo In the land of ASMR and mukbang, Starfish becomes an online celebrity through her addiction to eating inanimate…


Film Alienated Directed by Seok-Young Yang A Korean undergrad in California explores body issues and their entanglement with family and being a student abroad.

Big Happiness

Film Big Happiness Directed by Da Hee Kim The uncanniness of adoption from the POV of the filmmaker, an adult Korean adoptee, navigating awkward dinner table…
Asian American Panorama


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Film GYOPO Directed by Samuel Kiehoon Lee With a French New Wave aesthetic and a killer Korean psychedelic rock soundtrack, a motley mix of Korean…
Asia Pop!


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Film KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982 Directed by Kim Do-young LAST CHANCE TO WATCH! ENDS TODAY! Some say she’s crazy. Maybe she’s possessed. There’s no simple explanation for…


Film Kkum Directed by Kangmin KIM Styrofoam in its millions of plastic textures sparkle, crumble, and melt as one mom’s superstitious dreams mix with…

Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters’ Plot

Film Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters’ Plot Directed by Ayoung Kim In a retro-digital future, Petra Genetix is a migrating data cluster who threatens to infect the system.


Film Providence Directed by Daniel Lee It’s about history seeping into the story of a family. It’s about reaching for the stars and California.…

Tiger and Ox

Film Tiger and Ox Directed by Seunghee Kim Narrated with a lively sense of recollection and emotion, a daughter’s memory of growing up comes up against…

We Need to Talk about Her

Film We Need to Talk about Her Directed by CHA Jeong-yoon In a quiet Korean town, tensions come to a muted boil in a scarcely frequented restaurant and the…


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Film THE WOMAN WHO RAN Directed by Hong Sang-soo Instead of focusing on his favorite subjects–drunken, listless Korean men–master filmmaker Hong Sang-soo flips the script and follows…