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To participate in a Live Q&A, just redeem the free ticket and you will be emailed a link to enter the Q&A page, where you can submit questions to the filmmakers live. You must redeem the free Q&A ticket before the scheduled Q&A time.

If you want to join after the Q&A has already begun, you won’t be able to get in, but check out the Pacific Arts Movement Facebook page where we will also be live streaming the Q&A!

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Feature Films with Recorded Q&A's!

Enjoy a plethora of conversations in these recordings of LIVE Q&As and pre-recorded Q&As for the following features:

Special Presentations


This rental is no longer available

Film 76 DAYS Directed by Hao Wu, Weixi Chen & Anonymous OPENING FILM - This miraculous documentary, set in Wuhan hospitals during the 76 days the city was on…
Asian American Panorama

SDAFF Drive-In! presents BE WATER

Film SDAFF Drive-In! presents BE WATER Directed by Bao Nguyen With interviews, outtakes, and glorious archival footage, a dynamic and crucial look at Bruce Lee as an icon,…
Asian American Panorama


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Film THE CELINE ARCHIVE Directed by Celine Parreñas Shimizu The ghost of one Celine haunts another as filmmaker Celine Parreñas Shimizu uncovers a 1932 Filipino-American community pushing,…
Asian American Panorama


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Film CURTAIN UP! Directed by Hui Tong, Kelly Ng Students at a NYC Chinatown elementary school work, play, and sing through a theatrical production of Frozen, while…
Asian American Panorama


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Film DEATH OF NINTENDO Directed by Raya Martin This delightful and nostalgic coming-of-age film chronicles the crusades of a group of friends as they navigate growing…
Asian American Panorama


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Film DEFINITION PLEASE Directed by Sujata Day Other former Spelling Bee champs go on to glory. Monica Choudry hasn't left her mom's house. With her…
Asian American Panorama


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Film THE DONUT KING Directed by Alice Gu Meet Ted Ngoy, the tenacious refugee behind the pink box who is single-handedly responsible for the fact that…
Special Presentations


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Film DOWN A DARK STAIRWELL Directed by Ursula Liang CENTERPIECE FILM - After the murder of the unarmed Akai Gurley by Peter Liang, a Chinese American cop,…
Asia Pop!


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Film DRAMA QUEEN Directed by Kay Nguyen When a transgender woman witnesses a murder, she finds safety in...a beauty pageant! That is, until the villains…
Asian American Panorama


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Film EXPORT MY LOVE Directed by Jinglin Li This cross-continental documentary follows Chinese-American Jany Murphy, part matchmaker, part modern day Cyrano de Bergerac, as she tries…
Asian American Panorama


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Film FINDING YINGYING Directed by Jiayan "Jenny" Shi In June 2017, Yingying Zhang, a Chinese visiting scholar, mysteriously vanished from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.…
Invisible Waves


This rental is no longer available

Film GAMAK GHAR Directed by Achal Mishra Immediately after the feature, ticket holders can enjoy a pre-recorded bonus Q&A with director Achal Mishra! New Voices in India Cinema Award,...
Asian American Panorama


This rental is no longer available

Film GYOPO Directed by Samuel Kiehoon Lee With a French New Wave aesthetic and a killer Korean psychedelic rock soundtrack, a motley mix of Korean…
Surrogate Valentine Trilogy


This rental is no longer available

Film I WILL MAKE YOU MINE Directed by Lynn Chen Three women rethink their lives when their mutual ex saunters back into town in this musical continuation of…


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Film LOVE AND DEATH IN MONTMARTRE Directed by Evans Chan This fantasy romance/real-life documentary reveals the story, secrets, and longings of Qiu Miaojin, a lesbian Taiwanese writer who…
Special Presentations


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Film MOGUL MOWGLI Directed by Bassam Tariq SCREENS FRI & SAT ONLY! CLOSING FILM - Riz Ahmed plays Zed, an up-and-coming rapper who suddenly falls…
Asian American Panorama


This rental is no longer available

Film THE PAPER TIGERS Directed by Bao Tran In this action-comedy, coming-of-(middle)-age kung fu flick, three martial arts students reunite after decades apart to find what–or…
Invisible Waves


This rental is no longer available

Film STRAY Directed by Elizabeth Lo Filmed over two years, STRAY follows the resourceful and brave stray dogs of Istanbul. Charismatic mutt Zeytin mixes…


This rental is no longer available

Film A THOUSAND CUTS Directed by Ramona S. Diaz Ramona Diaz's blistering look at investigative journalist Maria Ressa’s relentless stand against Duterte.


This rental is no longer available

Film WE HAVE BOOTS Directed by Evans Chan Immediately after the feature, ticket holders can enjoy a pre-recorded bonus Q&A with director Evans Chan and film subject Alex Chow!...

LIVE Q&As By Day

Short Films with Q&A's!

Ahma & Alan

Film Ahma & Alan Directed by James Y. Shih When Alan, an American teacher working at a kindergarten in Taiwan, is taken in by law enforcement, his…


Film Alienated Directed by Seok-Young Yang A Korean undergrad in California explores body issues and their entanglement with family and being a student abroad.


Film Basurero Directed by Eileen Cabiling Under cover of night, Filipino fisherman Bong has a side hustle dumping trash into the ocean — except…

Beer! Beer!

Film Beer! Beer! Directed by Popo Fan In this mischievous anti-romance, it’s after hours in Berlin, and clubgoer Tao has attracted Sebastian, a semi-fetishizing vegan…

Big Happiness

Film Big Happiness Directed by Da Hee Kim The uncanniness of adoption from the POV of the filmmaker, an adult Korean adoptee, navigating awkward dinner table…

Blast Burn

Film Blast Burn Directed by Jonathan Patrick Thomas, Steve Nguyen With an unusual mix of animation and live sequences, the director tells a personal journey from pain to…

The Boat People

Film The Boat People Directed by Tuan Andrew Nguyen Set in an unspecified future, the last humans on earth are children on an island named Bataan. While…

A Bright Summer Diary

Film A Bright Summer Diary Directed by Lei Lei A romance film loops in a cinema in Lushan, a souvenir photo is trapped behind glass, and sound…

Can’t judge〜Corona and the Japanese government 20XX version〜

Film Can’t judge〜Corona and the Japanese government 20XX version〜 Directed by Yuri Sasamoto Slapdash and irrational, an absurdly funny low-fi/sci-fi short about a hapless bureaucrat complicit in a fascist invasion… with…

The Chicken

Film The Chicken Directed by Neo Sora On a steamy New York day, Japanese immigrant Hiro wanders the city with his cousin, preparing to butcher…

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss

Film Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss Directed by Sonny Calvento Vangie turns "mamsir" drudgery into surrealist conspiracy in this hilariously odd department store dystopia.

Forget Alberto For Now

Film Forget Alberto For Now Directed by Beina Xu Alberto keeps getting refused refugee status. Alberto also keeps refusing to participate in this film (about refugees).

The Granddaughter Detective

Film The Granddaughter Detective Directed by YuHui (Judie) Yang Judie's visit to her grandmother sparks a conversation about language barriers, generational gaps, and the resilience of familial…

Hajun Blooms

Film Hajun Blooms Directed by Ji Yoon Kim Evoking queer films of the 40s–90s, repressed queer desire confronts the dark heart of the Church.

Heading South

Film Heading South Directed by Yuan Yuan Young spitfire Chasuna travels from the grasslands of Mongolia to the big city to visit her father for…

Hello From Taiwan

Film Hello From Taiwan Directed by Tiffany Frances Three young girls have to learn to get along when their family is unsettled by their parents' marital…

Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

Film Kama’āina (Child of the Land) Directed by Kimi Howl Lee Blending fiction and reality, Mahina, a queer Native Hawaiian teenager is unhoused and navigates a life of stolen…


Film Kkum Directed by Kangmin KIM Styrofoam in its millions of plastic textures sparkle, crumble, and melt as one mom’s superstitious dreams mix with…


Film Latchkeys Directed by E.C. Timmer A sweet portrait of optimism amidst loneliness, Jenny spends hours at home alone, practicing dance routines to show…


Film Michelle Directed by Kenya Gillespie Olympic skater Michelle Kwan helps Mao resist neighborhood bullies and build an inner world of pure joy.


Film Nightcap Directed by Nicole De Meneses A delightfully over-the-top queer vampire film aged 34 years, full-bodied, with a smooth finish.

Negative Two

Film Negative Two Directed by Daniel Chew, Micaela Durand Endless Grindr. Cruising an empty theater. Gym bodies and mirrors. As young architect Devin wades in a stream…

No Crying At The Dinner Table

Film No Crying At The Dinner Table Directed by Carol Nguyen A filmmaker cuts deep into silently kept regrets in recorded interviews with her family, then replays them all…

No More Parties

Film No More Parties Directed by Natalie Murao Rose awkwardly hobbles through a night of karaoke with her friends… well, make that “friends”… only to stumble…


Film Novena Directed by Nolan Valerio Teresa comes to terms with her father's death while reconciling "losing her religion" and her desire to escape…

Out of Place

Film Out of Place Directed by Peier "Tracy" Shen Parallel stories of two lonely neighbors living side-by-side. Hui studies piano and grapples with her own inadequacy, while…

Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on The Still Trembling Berlin Wall

Film Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on The Still Trembling Berlin Wall Directed by Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke In a cinematic world where heroes sound heroic and villains sound villainous, Jit teaches Ang to find her…

Red Ladies

Film Red Ladies Directed by Parida Tantiwasadakran Somewhere deep in Orange County, a daughter hilariously tries to sabotage her mother's campaign to become the first…

The Rose of Manila

Film The Rose of Manila Directed by Alex Westfall What is love when made real? Beauty. Archival footage and reenactment evoke a formative moment in the life…


Film Sixteen Directed by Nahyeon Lee With an unplanned pregnancy and a strained relationship with her mother, life is not the K-pop fantasy Yaejin…

Smiling Buddha

Film Smiling Buddha Directed by Yu Chu Chang A young woman struggles to balance her autonomy with her love for her grandma, whose fading memory creates…

Standing Above The Clouds

Film Standing Above The Clouds Directed by Jalena Keane-Lee Matriarchal power shines in this fascinating doc featuring elder women and the next generation resisting the building of…

Street Angel

Film Street Angel Directed by Michelle Sui Decked in cheongsam, a wandering songstress unfolds history, memory, and cultural imagination onto a rapidly changing Chinatown.

Tiger and Ox

Film Tiger and Ox Directed by Seunghee Kim Narrated with a lively sense of recollection and emotion, a daughter’s memory of growing up comes up against…


Film Valley Directed by Allan Zhang Tran It’s ditch day in the San Gabriel Valley as two high school seniors realize they might be on…

We Still Have to Close Our Eyes

Film We Still Have to Close Our Eyes Directed by John Torres Footage and outtakes from behind the scenes of various Filipino productions (including those of Lav Diaz and Erik…

Yai Nin

Film Yai Nin Directed by Champ Ensminger Under a halo of hairspray and feminine swagger, Nin is not your everyday sausage tycoon.

Zoe and Hanh

Film Zoe and Hanh Directed by Kim Tran Zoe’s sex life is exposed when her conservative mother tracks her whereabouts in this awkward raunchy culture clash…


This rental is no longer available

Program SHORTS: ECHOPLEX Inventive films that change the format and spin the artifacts, annals, and echoes of all that’s left behind.


This rental is no longer available

Program SHORTS: REEL VOICES Nine filmmakers, nine stories exploring filmmaking from the teen perspective. From our Reel Voices documentary filmmaking program.


This rental is no longer available

Program SHORTS: TAIWAN <‐> AMERICA Americans in Taiwan, Taiwanese in America, and all the messy, awkward, and sentimental combinations of familial and cinematic…