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Americans in Taiwan, Taiwanese in America, and all the messy, awkward, and sentimental combinations of familial and cinematic border-crossing at the intersection of ABTs and ah-ma‘s.

In this program

The Granddaughter Detective

Directed by YuHui (Judie) Yang

Judie’s visit to her grandmother sparks a conversation about language barriers, generational gaps, and the resilience of familial love.

Ahma & Alan

Directed by James Y. Shih

When Alan, an American teacher working at a kindergarten in Taiwan, is taken in by law enforcement, his grandmother must come to his rescue.

Hello From Taiwan

Directed by Tiffany Frances

Three young girls have to learn to get along when their family is unsettled by their parents’ marital discord and a mysterious earthquake.

Smiling Buddha

Directed by Yu Chu Chang

A young woman struggles to balance her autonomy with her love for her grandma, whose fading memory creates a chasm between them.


Follow up your shorts screenings with a special roundtable Q&A with the filmmakers from SHORTS: TAIWAN <-> AMERICA!