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Directed by Lynn Chen

Cast: Ayako Fujitani, Goh Nakamura, Joy Osmanski, Lynn Chen, Mike Faiola, Tamlyn Tomita, Yea-Ming Chen

After the feature, enjoy a FREE bonus recording of the live Q&A and musical performance with director Lynn Chen, and cast Goh Nakamura & Yea-Ming Chen, recorded on 10/29/20. 

Official Selection, 2020 SXSW Film Festival

The third and final chapter of the beloved Surrogate Valentine trilogy may have felt inevitable. However, it was anything but. It took the vision and talent of one of its stars, Lynn Chen, to close out a nine-year cinematic trilogy, all while starting what promises to be a flourishing directorial career. Aptly described as a semi-sequel, I WILL MAKE YOU MINE rightfully shifts focus to the three women featured in the previous two films. Set six years after the events of Daylight Savings, Rachel (Lynn Chen), Yea-Ming (Yea-Ming Chen), and Erika (Ayako Fujitani) are in varying degrees of dissatisfaction with their personal and professional lives, when indie singer-songwriter Goh (Goh Nakamura) returns to Los Angeles and into their DMs. As they stumble around rekindled feelings, the three must confront what to make of Goh, and reevaluate how awkward crushes, romantic friendships, and ghosts of past selves mesh with their visions for the future.

Where the first two films contained a stripped-down subtlety specific to Goh’s demeanor, I WILL MAKE YOU MINE’s perspective shift finally allows access to the female characters we’ve grown to care about, this time deepening our connection without Goh around. To Yea-Ming Chen and Goh Nakamura’s perfect pop soundtrack is a series of encounters and reflections, a dreamy and swoon-worthy soundscape to follow life’s curveballs. While Goh’s return comes with a hope for clarity and the inevitability of moving on, luckily for us, we can experience the characters and world of Surrogate Valentine one last time before that happens.

–James Paguyo

Co-Presented by USD United Front Multicultural Commons