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Directed by Bao Tran

Cast: Alain Uy, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Roger Yuan, Ron Yuan

Immediately after the film plays, we will play our Q&A with director Bao Tran and cast members Alain Uy and Yoshi Sudarso, recorded on SAT Oct 24. Be sure to stick around for it!

* Limited tickets available. Film is not available to view in New England states, PA, NJ, or DE. That’s because there are awesome Asian American film festivals in Boston and Philadelphia showing the film too and we want to support them!

Official Selection, 2020 Busan International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival

Kung fu comedy mixes with coming-of-(middle)-age gut punches in Bao Tran’s THE PAPER TIGERS. In the late ‘80s, teenagers Danny, Hing, and Jim were kung fu prodigies. Under the tutelage of a legendary sifu, they never lost a challenge to anyone, anywhere, anytime. But flash forward 30 years, and now they are three grown uncles (Alain Uy, Mulan‘s Ron Yuan, and Undisputed III‘s Mykel Shannon Jenkins) with tight hamstrings and lives far removed from kung fu. With the sudden and suspicious passing of their master, they reunite to uncover sinister forces and mend their broken friendships (and bones) along the way.

Mentored by legendary choreographer Corey Yuen, Tran serves high octane martial arts with a rich cast of foes, including a hilarious Cobra Kai’esque rival, a squad of young bottle-bleached challengers, and the ever-yoked Yoshi and Peter Sudarso. But instead of B-movie villain monologues or fortune cookie wisdom, THE PAPER TIGERS is ultimately a feel-good underdog story with a cast of comeback-dads. The film playfully takes on the martial arts genre, while serving the wholesome vibes of Saturday morning kung fu flicks. And let’s not forget the satisfaction of watching three guys who peaked in high school get their arrogance kicked out of them in their ‘40s.

Erwin Mendoza