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Join us for a special LIVE Q&A with documentary filmmakers from our Reel Voices program on SUN Oct 25 at 12PM (PT).

Nine filmmakers, nine stories exploring filmmaking from the teen perspective. From our Reel Voices documentary filmmaking program.

In this program


Directed by Alan Ding

Riding a skateboard is more than just a sport. These interviews reveal what may be hidden from the casual observer.

The Gold Mountain

Directed by Brandon Mah

After World War II, young Chinese immigrant John Woo moves to California to find success in this mysterious foreign land.

Dancing with Myself

Directed by Ciera Millard

Dedicated Dance Dance Revolution players share their love of the community. During an unprecedented time, they persevere and thrive online.

Junipero Serra

Directed by Reagan Pendarvis

Students share opinions about the potential name change happening at Junipero Serra High School.

Self Love

Directed by Jaeden Laroza

Words of experience and advice about how to cure sadness and find the key to self love.

Poway “Unified”

Directed by Hailey Jose

BIPOC students share their experiences and struggles of living as a minority on a “white” campus.


Directed by Isabella Kwon

Korean American Christians speak on the LGBTQ debate that risks tearing their community apart.

Snail Mail

Directed by Andrea Baek

Pairs of pen pals share their sides of the letters: what they’ve learned, why they write, and what makes pen palling special.

Inches From Covid

Directed by Angela Rodriguez

A close look at two workers in the VA San Diego Healthcare System and how coronavirus affects their personal and professional lives.