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Inventive films that change the format and spin the artifacts, annals, and echoes of all that’s left behind.

In this program

The Boat People

Directed by Tuan Andrew Nguyen

Set in an unspecified future, the last humans on earth are children on an island named Bataan. While collecting an unknown past from the ruins and monuments of war, they encounter a deity buried in the sand with more questions than they ever imagined.

No Crying At The Dinner Table

Directed by Carol Nguyen

A filmmaker cuts deep into silently kept regrets in recorded interviews with her family, then replays them all at the dinner table.

Street Angel

Directed by Michelle Sui

Decked in cheongsam, a wandering songstress unfolds history, memory, and cultural imagination onto a rapidly changing Chinatown.

Blast Burn

Directed by Jonathan Patrick Thomas, Steve Nguyen

With an unusual mix of animation and live sequences, the director tells a personal journey from pain to the healing offered by beekeeping and the landscape of the Louisiana Bayou.


Directed by Daniel Lee

It’s about history seeping into the story of a family. It’s about reaching for the stars and California. It’s about ruin at the end of the day.

A Bright Summer Diary

Directed by Lei Lei

A romance film loops in a cinema in Lushan, a souvenir photo is trapped behind glass, and sound and vision decay in these haunting memories of a summer not long after the Cultural Revolution.

SDAFF Roundtable Q&A – ECHOPLEX!

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