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Shorts that swim in body chemistry.

In this program

Beer! Beer!

Directed by Popo Fan

In this mischievous anti-romance, it’s after hours in Berlin, and clubgoer Tao has attracted Sebastian, a semi-fetishizing vegan suitor who walks with Tao into the wee morning hours.

Zoe and Hanh

Directed by Kim Tran

Zoe’s sex life is exposed when her conservative mother tracks her whereabouts in this awkward raunchy culture clash not even yogurt can cure.


Directed by Nicole De Meneses

A delightfully over-the-top queer vampire film aged 34 years, full-bodied, with a smooth finish.


Directed by Nahyeon Lee

With an unplanned pregnancy and a strained relationship with her mother, life is not the K-pop fantasy Yaejin dreams of.

The Chicken

Directed by Neo Sora

On a steamy New York day, Japanese immigrant Hiro wanders the city with his cousin, preparing to butcher a live chicken for dinner and unaware of the personal reckoning before them. Based on Naoya Shiga’s “An Afternoon on November Third.”

La Gloria

Directed by Mary Evangelista

So much of Gloria is hidden away–their suicide attempt, their queerness. But in their dreams, they’re able to envision what is meant to be uncovered.


Directed by Kangmin KIM

Styrofoam in its millions of plastic textures sparkle, crumble, and melt as one mom’s superstitious dreams mix with prayer to weave a powerful protective shell around her grown son.

Mizuko (Water Child)

Directed by Katelyn Rebelo, Kira Dane

Through Super8, watercolor, and stop-motion animation, the concept of “mizuko” (water child), a special name in Japan for the children that never make it to birth, is explored in this meditation on the aftermath of an abortion.


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