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Ticket purchase includes bonus Q&A with select individual filmmakers in this program!

Heroic feats, chilling power plays, and surreal misbehaviors while on the job.

In this program

Yai Nin

Directed by Champ Ensminger

Under a halo of hairspray and feminine swagger, Nin is not your everyday sausage tycoon.

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss

Directed by Sonny Calvento

Vangie turns “mamsir” drudgery into surrealist conspiracy in this hilariously odd department store dystopia.


Directed by Anh La

A lonely graveyard worker is invited into a (nec)romance with a man’s dead daughter.


Directed by Eileen Cabiling

Under cover of night, Filipino fisherman Bong has a side hustle dumping trash into the ocean — except this is no ordinary job. His cargo are the victims of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Tiger and Ox

Directed by Seunghee Kim

Narrated with a lively sense of recollection and emotion, a daughter’s memory of growing up comes up against her mother’s story of running a restaurant and raising a child alone.

We Need to Talk about Her

Directed by CHA Jeong-yoon

In a quiet Korean town, tensions come to a muted boil in a scarcely frequented restaurant and the brothel upstairs.


Follow up your shorts screenings with a treasure trove of 10 minute mini Q&As with select filmmakers from SHORTS:…